Experts in Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made Production

GAN SHMUEL GROUP’S blending and packaging facilities offer clients a wide variety of finest quality products and packaging customized to their needs. Our facilities include drum dumping and pumping, blending equipment, and lines for pasteurizing, cooling and packaging. A sophisticated barcode system controls production and packaging processes together with programmable computerized controllers.

Industry Leading Technologists

GAN SHMUEL GROUP has invested significantly in creating one of the industry’s leading R&D and technology centers, with over 20% of our workforce dedicated to R&D and QA (well above the industry average). Our customers benefit from the collected expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of juice specialists, engineers, microbiologists, chemists, flavorists and application technologists, 100% focused on delivering innovative, high quality tailor-made solutions. We work closely with universities and research institutes in Israel in order to maintain the highest level of expertise and innovation for the development of natural products.

Advanced Technologies and Innovative Solutions

  • GAN SHMUEL GROUP employs technologies at all stages of its process, and is proud to have pioneered several key global industry procedures.
    1. Aseptic Line
      GAN SHMUEL GROUP was the first factory in the world to introduce aseptic “bag-in-box” and “bag-in-drum” packaging for citrus products – an innovation enabling preservative-free bulk container production. Our system enables shipping and storage at ambient temperatures, replacing the old-fashioned A10 and 5Kg hot-pack cans.
    2. Chilled and Aseptic Finished & Semi-Finished Products Lines
      Our sophisticated lines are suitable for a wide variety of finished and semi-finished products.
    3. Ultra-Filtration Technology
      After intensive research and testing, Gan Shmuel was the first company to prepare crystal-clear citrus juices and concentrates using ultra-filtration technology.
    4. Comminuted Products
      GAN SHMUEL GROUP pioneered the highly specialized process for comminuted citrus products in Israel. Today these products are a major component of the soft drinks industry.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe open communication and lose collaboration is an essential ingredient to our customers’ success. Whether it’s a briefing, meeting with our technology team or a flying visit to our client’s site, we invest in cultivating long-term, trusted relationships with our partners.

Customized Solutions For Global Tastes

Every market has its unique set of taste/profile requirements. At GAN SHMUEL GROUP, we specialize in creating precisely customized profiles for each individual client, drawing on our understanding of local preferences, consumer tastes and diets, backed by our agents and representatives in over 50 countries.