About the
Gan Shmuel Group

The Gan Shmuel Group is a dynamic company with a distinguished heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship. Merging two of Israel’s largest citrus and fruit product manufacturers – Gan Shmuel Foods and Ganir – the Group offers superior quality, tailor-made fruit-based solutions that meet the specific business needs of its many customers. With its expertise in integrating  the entire process from the growing of fruit trees through the products on grocery shelves, emphasizing sustainable practices, the Group plays a key role in ensuring a vital future for the beverage and food industries.

Mission & Values

Unique blend of Enterprise and Old Fashioned Values

Gan Shmuel Group is a publicly traded company whose values, work ethic and innovative spirit are inspired by its origins as a collective enterprise. We strive to create a sustainable business ecosystem that improves the lives of our customers, consumers and the producers – while respecting the social and natural environment.

These are expressed in our Mission & Values:

  • Putting Customers First

    Prioritize the needs and tastes of our valued clients wherever they may be.

  • Making Things Better

    Innovating continuously in growing , handling, processing and marketing of fruit & vegetable products.

  • Being Sustainable

    Respect the environment and take care to ensure responsible use of raw materials.

  • Striving for Excellence

    Guarantee quality, convenience and excellence.

  • Encouraging Creativity

    Empower all employees to find the best solutions for clients.

  • Valuing People

    Provide a healthy, safe and enriching working environment for our employees.

  • Doing good

    Personify natural goodness, in our products and relationships.

  • Helping Communities

    Give to the community to support the needy.

  • Fusing experience and innovation

    Leverage the advantages of traditional values with the latest technology and innovation.

| Our Vision

is to create a sustainable business ecosystem that improves the lives of our customers, consumer and the producers –while respecting the social and natural environment.

| Our Mission

is to enable success at every point in the fruit-ingredient value chain, by providing value-added products, solutions and innovation.

| Our Values

We’ve created a business culture where people matter most: from shareholders to end consumers, from customers to distributors, from growers to employees.

A Tradition of Innovation

Our story begins 80 years ago in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, an agricultural community and cooperative in the north of Israel. There was no European market for citrus fruits during World War II and acres of produce were going to waste.
Gan Shmuel Canning Factory starts processing around 200 tons of fruit a year.
Gan Shmuel began exporting to Europe.
Proudly open the first comminute production factory in the world, and the first to produce concentrated cloudy extracts.
Gan Shmuel starts trading with the Japanese market.
Gan Shmuel receives Industry Innovation award for increasing efficiency in work output.
Another world first – the first aseptic packaging line for citrus products.
Tomato processing begins.
The Ganir Company is launched by Kibbutz Gat and Kibbutz Beit Nir, and begins citrus fruit processing for the international beverages market.
First factory in the world to introduce aseptic "bag-in-box" and "bag-in-drum" packaging for citrus products, enabling preservative-free juice and ambient storage.
After intensive research and testing, the first company to prepare crystal-clear citrus juices and concentrates using ultra- Filtration technology. Gan Shmuel exports soar to $40 million.
Ganir begins producing chilled products, mainly servicing retail growing demands and rapidly becomes Israel's market leader.
Gan Shmuel joins the TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) as a publicly traded company.
Awarded Industry Innovation prize for innovation in "filling lines" packaging.
Opening a separate watermelon processing department, adding watermelon products to our product portfolio.
Gan Shmuel acquires "Gan Pelech," granting ownership of 10% of all Israel's orchards.
Received Awards of Excellence for Export from the President of Israel.
Gan Shmuel merges with Ganir to become GAN SHMUEL GROUP, growing processing capacity to 150,000 tons of citrus fruits and 60,000 tons of tomatoes. Sales exceed $262 million.
Leading the field in pomegranate organic practice in Israel.
Development of new reduced sugar natural juice.
Successfully developing & launching a tomato based salt replacer.
Finalizing Levan research, commercializing globally.
Developing and launching Citrus Fibers.

Our Corporate Approach

The Gan Shmuel Group sees itself as a responsible global citizen and strives to follow socially and environmentally responsible practices in harmony with its commercial objectives.

| Social Responsibility

This extends to our programs for socially disadvantaged and low income families, our ethical practices with suppliers, providing a healthy working environment for our employees, acting with integrity at all times with our customers, large and small.

| Global Outlook

From Europe to the Asia, we serve over 50 markets around the globe. Our local agents are highly knowledgeable regarding local fruits and add important value by keeping a constant flow of local insight, trends, ensuring we not only meet the requirements of our customers, but are able to lead them with new innovation – bringing the universal language of fruit-based products to millions of people around the globe.

Our Group Performance

Partnerships and
Joint Ventures

Gan Shmuel Group creates joint projects in Israel and overseas, with the goal of developing production lines, markets and products benefiting all parties involved.

Our projects include:


Joint ventures in production lines.


Development of fruit and vegetable processing production methods.


Maximizing by-products yield from citrus and other fruits.


Development of upgrading processes for concentrates and juices.

Certifications and Accreditation