• Action

    Moisturizing, Film-Forming agent. 

  • Origin

    POLEVAN is a natural bio-polymer (a fructan polysaccharide, similar to inulin); it is an edible fiber, resulting from an enzymatic reaction on sugar.

  • Description

    When applied topically Levan promotes hydration by proliferation of cells in the upper epidermis layer, and by creation of a smooth barrier film which helps in retaining water.

  • Mechanism

    Efficacy is derived from a balanced molecular structure, combining both Low and High molecular weights; the specific combination of fibers is ideal for cell-permeation and forming of barrier film.

  • Appearance

    Whitish solution.

  • Applications

    Levan can be used in a wide range of skin care applications for body or face: 
    • Creams / Gels, intended for Anti-Aging/moisturizing care
    • Sun Protection, or After-Tan products 
    • Feminine / Vaginal wash 
    • Skin-soothing products, intended for post home-aesthetics treatments
    • Skin-care products intended for Firming and elastic appearance
  • Claims

    In a double-blind clinical trial among female participants (conducted by The Israeli Institute for Skin Research in Herzliya), Levan achieved better assessment results than HA when participants were asked about Purchase Intentions and Wrinkle Improvement after 1 month’s use (download our clinical research here).

  • Cost efficacy

    When used as a substitute for HA, Levan delivers similar or better moisturizing effects (at similar dosages) -  at highly competitive pricing.  Alternatively, it also stably performs in blends with HA, allowing brands to reduce HA dosages in their formulations – replace with Levan and achieve better value while maintaining marketing themes associated with HA.

  • Stabilty

    • Stable in cream/gel formulations, including compounds integrating other natural botanical extracts
    • Color - whitish, neutral 
    • pH - 5.5 (hydrolipid compatible) 
    • Non-GMO (enzyme, no culture medium; Infoxagen statement available)
    • Traceable GMP supply chain
    • Dermatology Tested (as ingredient, and in creams)
    • INCI registered