• Social Responsibility

    This extends to our programs for socially disadvantaged and low income families, our ethical practices with suppliers, providing a healthy working environment for our employees, acting with integrity at all times with our customers, large and small.
  • Sustainability

    GAN SHMUEL GROUP are pioneers of sustainable fruit processing, extracting maximum return on nature and minimizing waste by processing the total fruit – skin, juice, pulp and seeds. Thus, we are able to produce valuable products – from juice to cells to essential oils. We continue this practice, by leading the way in promoting sustainable farming practices, from organic methods to bio-dynamics. GAN SHMUEL GROUP partners with leading multi-national food companies, advising on matters concerning orchard management and ensuring raw material food security for the next generation. The Group also focuses on renewal energy sources such as steam generation from organic waste (trimmed wood) and is currently proceeding to operate our facilities with natural gas.
  • Global Outlook

    From Europe to the Far East, we serve over 40 markets around the globe. Our local agents are highly knowledgeable regarding local fruits and add important value by keeping a constant flow of local insight, trends, ensuring we not only meet the requirements of our customers, but are able to lead them with new innovation - bringing the universal language of fruit-based products to millions of people around the globe.